But look what you did!

it hurts me # because usually by this point in a companions arc # aka at the end of their season # they believe in themselves # theyve traveled with the doctor and theyve done and seen such amazing things # and in doing so they realize their own potential # their own skills # but donna # despite everything shes done # saved a family in pompeii # freed the ood # solved murders with agatha goddamn christie # saved the doctor from himself #despite ALL OF THAT # she still thinks shes nothing special # because her entire life thats what shes been told # she has never been able to see just what a remarkable person she truly is # and the doctor is so surprised here # because he can see it # clear as day # hes seen it for a long time # and what kills me about donnas ending # isnt just that she loses her memories # she loses him too # her best friend in the universe # the one who listened #even when she wasnt shouting  (via yaccbs)

i’m not crying i just have a tardis in my eyes


Reblog this if you have ever attempted any of the following while you were alone:










-Using the force



-The Matrix 



-Going Super Saiyan

-Jutsu Hand Signs

-Spells from Harry Potter


-Breaking the 66 seals

-Opening purgartory

-Turning into a green rage monster

-Being a synthesized voice program

-Getting a bunch of bitches to kneel

- bit your hand and became a grim reminder to humanity






when someone draws something just for youimage

This gif does not represent happiness of the fish. Fish do not swim this way for fun. This fish is dying of amonia poisoning. It’s basically suffocating in it’s own waste.

The more you know.

You must be fun at parties.

when someone draws something for me i die of amonia poisoning 



Grell Sutcliff Cosplay Teeth Tutorial!

By popular demand! Since I’ve had so many people ask. I hope this is helpful to someone!

Here are some links to a few of the items you might have difficulty finding. Though everything you can get at a grocery store or hardware store, except the plastic pellets.

A few more tips I forgot to mention above:
Clean of any extra glue with a clean q-tip, and avoid getting the glue on the front of the tooth. - If the edges of the teeth don’t match up, wait until the glue is dry, and you can file down the tops of the teeth a bit until it’s a closer match.  - When removing the retainer pull down carefully, and use both hands.  -  You can drink with these in, but I recommend -only- cold water. Don’t try to eat with them in.  - Pointy teeth are sharp! Be careful, you probably will cut yourself.

The person who I originally learned to make teeth from two years ago is the lovely Faxen, so I invite you to check out his tutorials as well. Some of my methods differ from his, but you are bound to find something that works for you!

Enjoy the tutorial! )